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2019  |  12+  |  1h 55min.  |  IMDb 7.8  |  Drama, Romantic, Action

Unheard story of a father using his daughter as bait in order to capture an outlaw. Heretofore unseen tale of the love between a fearless brigand and a noble lady with a fatal ending.

This is a story of the impossible love, seen through the eyes of an unexpected character: the incarnated soul of the main character – his horse.

A Record Award Winning Movie

136 awards, 19 categories, 49 countries 

”This film is an emotional roller-coaster …”

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    Coming soon on 24 May 2021


This beautiful adaptation of the famous Bulgarian story written by Yordan Yovkov, tells the story of Shibil and Rada. Set in the second half of the 19th Century, the weakened power of the Ottoman Empire has resulted in Bulgaria falling prey to disorder, robbery and violent outrage. 

Skill and bravery turn a local brigand, named Shibil, into a threat to the authorities and a legend among young men. A reward is proclaimed for Shibil’s head. During harvest time, Shibil meets Rada, the daughter of Veliko Kehaya, a rich merchant and they fall in love.

In order to demonstrate his loyalty to the Ottoman government, Veliko devises trap for Shibil – using his own daughter against her will as bait. This is a story of impossible love, seen through the eyes of an unexpected character – the incarnated soul of the main character, Shibil’s horse.


  • Best Feature

  • Best International-European Feature

  • Best Director

  • Best First Time Director

  • Best Screenplay

  • Best Cinematographer

  • Best Original Score

  • Best Leading Actress

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  • Best Supporting Actress

  • Best Lighting

  • Best Sound Design

  • Best Production Design

  • Best Editing

  • Best Costume Design

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Best Feature


"Запомнете този човек..."



Никола Бозаджиев и съвременният Шибил

"Text, text, text..." 



Шибил с фестивална премиера на София Филм Фест

"Text, text, text..." 



Никола Бозаджиев, киното на сетивата и съвременният „Шибил“


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Shibil Golden Partners contributed free of charge equipment, expertise or/and provided exceptional commercial discounts for this 'learning by doing' project

Functional Subject Matter Expert (SMEs)

The SME magicians devoted their time, expertise and energy at no cost to support the learning curve of the debutants' creative crew

Volunteers and friends

Many family members, friends and friends of the friends put time and attention to the most boring but at the same time most demanding part of any production - logistics infrastructure as well as warm and comfortable working environment.

Many thanks to all that trusted and devoted their own resources into such a valuable 'not-for-profit' project. All the funds that will come back form the commercialization success of Shibil will directly go for funding the next project of young and talented creators.